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DIY Home Repair Tips

The first home maintenance tip is to prevent the toilet bowl from leaking. If you want to cut down the utility bill, then you should consider repairing the leaking toilet. The leaking toilet bowls also cause damage to the floor which translate to huge amount of cost of repairing it. The first thing you should check when you want to repair a leaking toilet bowl is the flapper which most probably need to be replaced. The other major cause of water leakage in the toilet is a damaged valve.Read more about toilet repair.

You should also maintain the plumbing system regularly to ensure that there is steady flow in the pipes. Fats and oils normally clog the pipes and the drainage system. Hot water is the solution of unclogging that has been clogged with fats and oils. Hot water is necessary to emulsify the fats and oils that clog the drainage system. You can find the information about emulsification if you read more here. The hair strainer is also essential for preventing the clogging of the drainage system by the hair. The hair that normally falls of naturally from body especially the head when bathing and combing normally clog the tub, shower and bathroom sink. The solution to this is to make sure that hair strainer has been put in all tubs which prevents hair from getting its way to the drainage system. Read more about hair strainer. You should avoid using Drano because they have the tendency of causing damage to the plumbing system. In as much as Drano is an effective unclogging agent, its acidity property is not favorable to the drainage system.Click here to read more information about Drano.

You should be sure to keep the gutters clean. Keeping your gutters clean is another important DIY home repair method that can help you to save money that could be spent on hiring the services of a professional plumber. Debris and other particles normally prevent gutters to channel water in the pipes as intended. Improperly working gutter normally spills water over which results in the damage of the lower parts of the wall and foundation which can cost you a considerable amount of money in the long-run.

Vegetation is the home and breeding site of many pests and should not be allowed around your house. Vegetation around your house can also aide in clogging and dirtying the gutter which can damage to walls and foundations as mentioned above. Vegetation are also good at holding moisture which is not good for the foundation of your house especially if the vegetation is close to the base of the house. Read more here about pest control by clearing vegetation.

Disconnection of hose before winter strike is another good practice of maintaining your home appliances. The hose pipe that connects to the outdoor spigot should be protected from the extremely low temperature. Water normally increase in volume when it freezes and changes its state to solid state which makes the pipe to burst.

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